project management
for freelancers

Gigboard brings order and more
predictability to your solo business.

Gigboard Key Features
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Juggle multiple gigs
at the same time

Kanban board

Timeline view

Keep multiple projects spinning. Organize your projects with the Kanban board. Visualize your workload with a Timeline view.

Your numbers up front

Simple performance metrics

Better decision making

Stop guesstimating. Gigboard's key metrics provide you with enough information to make better decisions and manage your road ahead.

Accomplish more
in a day

To-do lists and notes

Better productivity

You already know how to use Gigboard.
It features all the tools you are already familiar with: to-do lists and notes.

Works well during all-nighters

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Gigboard in action

We help freelancers like you to be more accomplished professionals.
Watch this quick feature overview to see if Gigboard fits you:

Watch the demo

Why Gigboard?

Freelancers are different

Working for yourself is different than working in a team. It calls for a different approach.

Most apps are overkill

The vast majority of productivity software is too complex for a solo freelancer’s needs.

Fit for a one-man-show

Gigboard is streamlined productivity for busy freelancers.

Gigboard helps you stay organized as a busy freelancer. Learn how.

The Gigboard Approach


Run your freelance business
with confidence:

  • Juggle multiple gigs
  • Plan your workload with Timeline
  • Organize your work with project board, to-dos and notes
  • Improve predictability of your income
  • Track progress of your work
  • MacOS/Windows desktop app (coming soon)

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