The Gigboard Approach

to freelance productivity

Gigboard combines tools that you actually need. Not the ones you're never going to use.

Gigboard was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It has two main goals:

Improve predictability of freelancing income

by providing simple metrics

Freelancers face uncertainty all the time. Gigboard helps with predicting how long can you survive while working on your projects.

Make managing multiple projects easier

by providing simple tools

There's usually no need for extra collaboration tools when you work alone. Gigboard is stripped down to essentials to fit this context.

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Simple metrics

Working, Waiting, Pipeline

These metrics correspond with project buckets and help you understand how much each of them is worth.


The longer the runway, the longer you can operate. It is calculated by summing up all the buckets, your savings, and having it all divided by your fixed costs.

Project Board flow

Project board is divided into three buckets:


Stores all the projects you are currently working on.


Whether it is client input or invoice payment projects are waiting here.


Projects you haven't started or signed yet but are probably going to happen.


This is where you can visualize your workload.

Rearranging the timeline

Rearrange your project timeline by simply dragging projects across days.
To 'stretch' or 'shrink' a project simply change it's 'kickoff' and 'deadline' dates.

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